Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Are Burmese monks ready to boycott Burmese Junta???

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There are many rumors and saying that Buddhist monks may be preparing
to launch Third monk boycott. Burma’s monasteries, some with as many
as a thousand monks, have been largely silent since a crackdown on
monk-led protests nearly two years ago. But some monks say that
simmering resentment could come to a head again for Burmese military
junta’s religious abuses and great restrictions.
A monk from Rangoon who asked to remain anonymous told The Irrawaddy
on Tuesday, “Burmese authority still closed and sealed Maggin
monestary since September 2007. Now, Local authorities are closely
watching monks and their monasteries. Moreover, there are plainclothes
security forces keeping an eye on them.”

Ashin Issariya, one of the leaders of the All Burma Monks Alliance,
said, “Now, we can organize many monk groups inside Burma in
respective areas. I want to call for all people and organizations to
take part in Third monks boycott for peace and welfare of all people.
Buddha also said our Sanghs (monks) need to carry their religious
duties by sacrifice their lives. So, all religious servicepersons
including all monks and nuns must to protect and maintain Buddha
religion and carry out for welfare of all people”
Ashin Issariya added that Burmese military junta commit many
religious abuses such as beheading Buddha images, raiding and
destroying of monestaries and killing and arresting monks and nuns. It
shows there is no freedom of religious and all religions are under
the military junta’s orders. Moreover, there are many restrictions and
limitations for all religions, especially, Buddhist monks. The Buddha
instructed monks to boycott any person who prevents donations to monks
or obstructs the Dhamma. So, If Burmese junta do not apologize their
abuses and crimes, all monks, nuns and people have to boycott Burmese
Burma’s Ministry of Religious Affairs is effectively controlling and
prohibiting Buddhist monks with order of Sangha Mahanayaka Committee
[the state- sponsored Buddhist monks’ organization] such as traveling
abroad and organizing state-sponsored new monks’ organization and
other restrictions.
Ashin Thavara, a secretary of All Burma Monks’ Representative
Committee (ABMRC) told Irrawaddy, “Now, our All Burmese Monks’
Representative Committee (ABMRC) cooperated with the All Burma Monks
Alliance (ABMA) to carry out religious duties and prosper all people
and get peace in Burma and world. It is high time that all people in
Burma and world to take actions and boycott Burmese military
According to Buddhist scripture, monks can boycott lay followers who
violate religious principles by refusing to accept alms from them.
This practice, known as “overturning the alms bowl,” is a powerful act
of defiance.
Ashin Thavara added that “It is true that Third monk boycott break
out soon if military junta don’t apologize to monks for religious
abuses. As I know, military regime organized new monk groups to
control and watch active monks . It is a great religious abuse
because they try to separate Sangh (monk) society. Actually, They raid
and destroyed over 60 monastaries, beat, arrested and killed several
hundred monks and nuns during 2007 Saffron movement. Now, there are
over 250 monks and over 20 nuns in prison. Some of them are sentenced
with hard working. Some monk prisoners are forced to join and sent to
According to official data, there are more than 400,000 monks in
Burma, and its community, the Sangha, is considered one of the
strongest and most revered institutions in the country. They have
always played an important role in Burma’s social and political
affairs, often in opposition to oppressive regimes.
Ashin Candobhasacara, one of the leaders of the International Burmese
Monks Organization (SASANA MOLI) told Irrawaddy on Tuesday, “Our
organization issued an announcement on Monday for the anniversary of
Saffron movement and we have a plan to demonstrate by saying Metta
Sutta and goodwill at G20 Summit Pittsburgh and Union Square New York
on September 24 to 26. Now, all people and different organizations
need to cooperate and condemn Burmese military dictators. We will
encourage and support all brave monks and people because they are
sacrificing their lives and properties for religion and peace in Burma
and world. Moreover, we will also show how much Burmese junta commit
religion and human rights to know all world. I wish to urge Burmese
leaders to apologize all monks for their blunders and religious

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