Sunday, December 13, 2009

The 16th Raising Day of The Kuki Students’ Democratic Front

The 16th Raising Day of The Kuki Students’ Democratic Front

Burmese Community Resource Centre,
Vikaspuri, New Delhi
Date: December 12, 2009

We, the Kuki Students’ Democratic Front (KSDF) on our 16th Raising Day celebration at Vikaspuri, New Delhi do hereby make the following statement:

Right from foundation, the KSDF has been, to the best of its capacity, working for restoration – (1) of democracy in Burma in general and (2) of the minority Kuki peoples’ lost dignity and rights.

Minority among the minorities, the ethnic Kukis suffers in silence a number of gruesome incidences of human rights violations perpetrated upon them by the successive military regimes of Burma. The worst was in 1967 when, in the name of Khadawmi Operation, the Kuki villages had been burnt and uprooted, their livestock were robbed and their paddy fields were confiscated while the people were forced to leave barehanded resulting in deaths of women and children on their way to refuge due to starvation.
The oppression goes from bad to worse. Since the early nineties, the regime has, year after year, infiltrated thousands of poverty stricken Burmans from cities into the Kuki areas particularly in the Kabaw valley and resettled them in new villages in building which houses the local Kukis were not only forced laboured but also forced to provide all the necessary materials required. Perceivably, the aim is to outnumber the Kuki population, Burmanise them culturally and eventually erase the latter’s political space or aspiration. At present, in the name of Thamanti Dam and Multipurpose Project, three villages in the Homalin District have already been dislocated while many other villages are yet to be ousted.
Burma, which was once a prosperous nation, has now been the poorest in the Southeast Asia due to adoption of exclusive policy of oppression towards the minorities beginning from General Newin’s regime in sixties to the present day Than Swe’s regime.
The KSDF also do express sympathy for its fellow ethnic minorities who are suffering similar treatment and all those leaders who are languishing in the hard labour prison.
We therefore abhor and condemn

1) The regime’s continued exclusive policy of oppression towards the minorities which is the root cause of decade’s old conflict and the consequent economic instability, depreciation of value of currency, poverty, high illiteracy rate and malnutrition in the state.

2) The military regime’s draft constitution and its proposed 2010 general election which are but to further consolidate the military Generals hold on to power.

We also fervently appeal to:-

1) All the political dissidents - both Burmans and the ethnic minorities - to set aside our personal differences and work in one accord to achieve our long cherished dream i.e. to overthrow the military regime and establish a Federal Union of Burma.
2) The ethnic leaders and NLD (National League for Democracy) to come up with a common stand to be adopted in the up coming 2010 General Election.
3) The international communities both governments and civil societies to lend your support in all possible ways for the peaceful transformation of the military regime into genuine Federal Democracy.

Central Committee,
The Kuki Students’ Democratic Front.


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