Sunday, February 14, 2016

He is a History Ashin htavara

He is a History

            The 2007 Saffron Revolution is the second to the 88 Uprising to protest against the military regime. The pro-democracy demonstration had seen two decades after 88 Uprising, led, prominently by monks.
            I have a great pleasure to write a preface for the Memoir of a monk, Ashin Htavara who deeply participating in those days of the Saffron Revolution as a leading monk.
            When I had initiated the blog “Demowaiyan” my colleges Alinsek and Kamikaze introduced Ashin Htavara with me. Throughout our friendship, I have to appreciate his attitude on his country, his religion and his patriotism. Then come to understand that he is man of his words.
            In this book you can see how monks of Myanmar did for the people against the military dictatorship without regarding their lives or future.
            In colonial period, monks such as U Wisara, U Ottama ect… had taken a leading role to confront the unjust governance in Myanmar history. In every period of hegemony, monks did not hesitate to participate with men to oppose the oppressing regime. Such monk always comes out of our history.
            The 2007 Saffron Revolution becomes a part of Myanmar history, protesting for humans’ freedom, rights and democracy, and it is also a part of the world history.
            Ashin Htavara is also a history. I here, pay a great respect to those who involved in those moments and who are still in prisons for people ……….
            “The world may be peaceful with our loving kindness”

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