Tuesday, November 30, 2010

၂၇ရက္ေန႔က DKBAႏွင့္ နအဖတိုက္ပြဲ အတြင္း နအဖမွ ပစ္လိုက္ေသာ လက္နက္ၾကီးမ်ား က်ေရာက္သျဖင့္ ဖလူးေလး ေက်းရြာသားမ်ား ထိုင္းႏိုင္ငံဘက္ထြက္ေျပးလာၾကပံု (ဓာတ္ပံု၊ သတင္း)

P'lu Village information
By Hsa Moo

On 27/11/2010, more than 200 villagers from Pa Lu village, Kawt K'Rate township, Doo Pla Ya district fled to Mae Ko Kay village, Mae Sot area, Tak Province, Thailand.  Those villagers are now staying outside Mae Ko Kay village in the farm huts and some are staying under trees. There are children and pregnant included in the group.
 Villagers fled due to the SPDC troops based in Palu village and the DKBA troop was fighting. Village fled since in the morning and more villagers are fleeing to Thailand side until the evening.
 The SPDC shelled mortars and fall into Pa Lu village. One male village named Saw Tun Shwe (30) years old is wounded.
On  28/11/2010: There are now more than 1,100 villagers in P' Lu village fled to Mae Koe Kay village, Tak province, Thailand. Villagers fled the whole day yesterday until 11 P.M because of the continuous fighting between DKBA and SPDC troop.
Villagers who fled to Thai side are currently placed in Mae Koe Kay temple as temporary shelter. Today, there are still sounds of mortars' shelling. Villagers dare not go back to their village. Many NGOs and local community organizations are providing foods, water and clothing for refugees.  

ေပးပို႔ေပးတဲ့ ညီငယ္ အလင္းဆက္ ႏွင့္ အစ္ကုိဒီမုိေ၀ယံအား ေက်းဇူးတင္ပါသည္..။

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